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To start this cultural itinerary we will have to make a short trip, from 5 Km. in vehicle, until you reach the junction between the EX-203 road and the Cordel del Valle, belonging to the Cañada Real de la Plata.

At this point we will begin the walk that runs, on flat terrain and with a comfortable floor, by a beautiful meadow formed by Pyrenean oak as the dominant species, although we will also find other typically Mediterranean species such as: encina, oaks, almeza, majuelo, pyroethane, acebuche, and others. It is the boyal pasture of Malpartida de Plasencia -El Robledo-, municipal estate, of medieval origin, where cattle have always grazed (cows, goats, sheep) of the neighbors of this town and that of Gargüera.

After traveling a short distance, we will arrive at the archaeological site of Los Castillejos, small elevation of the terrain, dominating a wide flat area, and that hides the secret of the impressive "Tomb of the Princess", the remains of the Watchtower or watchtower and other interesting vestiges of late-ancient and high-medieval cultures.

The site has characteristics of a strategic location, as a road control point. But, mainly, it is a "magical place", symbolic and strongly ritualized by those who were its inhabitants. This is clearly perceived when we step on this ground, marked with the magical and mysterious footprints of these remote ancestors.

We will continue the walk, discovering other archaeological remains, until reaching the reservoir of Las Covachillas, used as a drinking trough and as a mini power plant. Here, and with a bit of luck, we will be able to spot a good number of species of aquatic birds in continuous coming and going. After this stop, We will start the return by another path of the many that allow the exploitation and enjoyment of this beautiful farm.

ITINERARY INTEREST: natural landscape, ethnographic heritage and archaeological heritage.


  • Distance: 6 km.
  • Time spent: 2 h.
  • Difficulty: baja.
  • Type of tour: circular.
  • Start end: crossing between the Cordel del Valle and the EX-203 road.


  • Guided route and interpreted by Official Guide (Lda. in Geography and History).
  • Interpreted visit to the archaeological site of the Tomb of the Princess.
  • Accompaniment from the meeting point to the starting point of the route.
  • Liability insurance.
  • First aid kit.
  • If it was necessary to travel in vehicles, will be the responsibility of the client.
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